The Vikings have landed!


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Conquests is out! Hooray! Grab a copy & dive in and be transported to the time of the Vikings and such far-flung lands as Contstantinople, Newfoundland, Ireland, Persia or (where my story is set) Norway.

Skagerrak Norway

There are plenty of mighty-thewed, tattooed warriors, fierce shield-maidens, fine ladies and plucky captives to satisfy all. At the moment, Conquests is only available on Amazon. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you will be able to read it for free. For everyone else, for a very limited time (get your copy now!), the price is $0.99! A print version of this book is coming very soon!

I’m really looking forward to sharing my Viking with you. I hope you enjoy him. And, if you do, it would be wonderful if you could leave us a review. We’d love to hear what you think.

There’s plenty of tasters over at Delilah Devlin’s Conquests website, but here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

Idonea slumped against the door, her eyes filling with angry tears. She did not want to stay in here while they took their pleasure with each other. She did not want to see any more of the handsome Viking’s naked body. She dashed the tears from her eyes and discovered, when her vision cleared, he was still watching her, even as he caressed Sigridr’s body. She set her jaw and glared back.

Einar tugged at Sigridr’s dress, baring her bottom. He slid his hand around her body and squeezed it. He might have been squeezing Idonea’s throat, for the trouble it was costing her to breathe. He bent to take Sigridr’s pale, pointed nipple in his mouth, and Idonea felt an answering tug in her own flesh as her nipples grew taut in response. Sigridr uttered a low, voluptuous moan that set off echoes in Idonea’s belly.

Einar raised his head from Sigridr’s breasts and called to her. “Idzunn!”

He had a strange, burred way of saying her name.

His arousal was clear. Idonea could feel how warm and wet her own sex was, and when he put a hand around the proud curve of his organ and gave it a teasing pull, she felt a throb of pleasure so intense it made her knees tremble. If it had not been for the door at her back, she might have sunk to the floor.

He beckoned her, and Sigridr turned to give her a pleasure-dazed smile.

He wants me to join them.



Conquests: one day to go!




Conquests is out tomorrow! I’ve been blogging about my story over at the anthology website, so head there if you’d like to read an excerpt. There’s also posts from all the other authors about their contributions – a veritable smorgasboard of tasty Viking treats.


Creating a sexy Viking


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Hooray, Conquests is now available for pre-order on Amazon for the bargain price of $0.99! I can’t tell you how much I love our fab cover from the talented Bibi Rizer. So here’s a vid she made of how she created it. Watch out for the sweat pants!

Keep an eye on our very beautiful new Conquests website for news and author interviews and blog posts.

Conquests: Which Viking do you like?


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Here’s a fun thing!

We are in the process of deciding on a cover for Delilah Devlin’s Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance, in which my next story appears, but it’s so hard to choose, we’re looking for a little help. So Delilah is running a poll, over on her blog to help us decide.

Which one do you like? Head on over to Delilah’s website, and let us know. (I kinda have a soft spot for Mr A, but I’d love to know what you think.)


-demo copy


More Vikings


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Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of Vikings, some of which I shared in my last post. Why am I looking at Vikings?

Well, aside from the obvious answer: why would you not want to look at Vikings?; I am very pleased to announce that I’ve had a story selected by the rather fabulous Delilah Devlin for inclusion in a new erotic anthology she is masterminding on the theme of, you guessed it, Vikings. I’ve been having a read through my proofing copy and there are some fantastic stories about some very sexy Vikings in its pages, and, you might be interested to know, some very feisty women.

I can’t wait to share it.

In the interim, if you quite like looking at pictures of Vikings, try clicking on the appealingly damp gentleman below to take you to the Pinterest page where we’ve all been posting the pictures that inspired us.


wet viking


Un plug anal



Too, too special. This art installation, entitled ‘Tree’ by American artist Paul McCarthy is apparently supposed to be adding Christmas cheer to the Parisian cityscape.

Tree by Paul McCarthy

Tree by Paul McCarthy

Butt (*sniggers*), some low-minded individuals are pointing out its resemblance to a giant butt plug makes it look more kinky than Chrismassy.

Movie: L’Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close)


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House of Tolerance - corset

This was going to be a post about boobs. Because there’s a lot of them in this movie, and they’re some of the most beautiful breasts I’ve seen in a movie. But then I started writing and thinking and this post took an entirely different turn.

This is one of the most visually beautiful movies I’ve seen for a long time. It’s not new (I rarely see things new. Part of the territory of having a family, I’m afraid.) It came out in 2011, the same year as the similarly-themed Australian movie Sleeping Beauty. It is set in a high-class brothel in Paris in 1899, as the Belle Epoque draws to a close and documents the last year or two before the brothel is forced to shut down.

It’s a strange beast of a movie. It has all the achingly beautiful sensuality of a Pre-Raphaelite painting and is similar in that, while there is plenty of lush nudity and implied sexual activity, there is very little explicit sex. I think the point of its consummate beauty is carried well – this was the currency of this world, along with the equally bankable commodity of purchasable sexual gratification.

house of pleasure

I say it’s a strange beast, because it shows numerous different facets of this intriguing world that give rise to emotional responses ranging from arousal, through to blank horror. At times it deliberately provokes two or more highly conflicted responses at the same time.

Throughout, it clearly invites you to luxuriate in an enchanting visual pageant that is centred on the voluptuous loveliness of this group of women.


And they are lovely.

But there’s no getting away from the fundamental truth that these women have been utterly objectified and commodified. This is probably most starkly illustrated in a more-than-slightly disturbing scene showing the encounter that ensues after one of the customers requests “Lea, as a doll.”

At the same time, L’Appollonide takes the time to give you enough of each woman to convince you that she is an interesting, three dimensional person, regardless of how well you get to know her. The trade takes its toll on the characters – some pay a horrific price. There is no shying away from the worst that prostitution has to offer women: violence, disease, depression, drug addiction, humiliation, abandonment. But there are positive moments throughout: joy, companionship and quiet contentment.

There is one scene at the end that particularly puzzled me. It’s when a savage revenge is enacted upon a violent, sadistic client. It should have been satisfying. But the nature of the revenge is so extreme, and the scene so dream-like, I took it more as a communal fantasy on the part of the victim and her friends, rather than an indication that the perpetrator did in fact get his come-uppance.

In a way that encapsulates my overall experience of the film: a sense of physical beauty and sensuality warring with the ugly undercurrent of exploitation and disempowerment. It left me with some beautiful imagery, and some memorable characters, but lots and lots of questions.