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Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of Vikings, some of which I shared in my last post. Why am I looking at Vikings?

Well, aside from the obvious answer: why would you not want to look at Vikings?; I am very pleased to announce that I’ve had a story selected by the rather fabulous Delilah Devlin for inclusion in a new erotic anthology she is masterminding on the theme of, you guessed it, Vikings. I’ve been having a read through my proofing copy and there are some fantastic stories about some very sexy Vikings in its pages, and, you might be interested to know, some very feisty women.

I can’t wait to share it.

In the interim, if you quite like looking at pictures of Vikings, try clicking on the appealingly damp gentleman below to take you to the Pinterest page where we’ve all been posting the pictures that inspired us.


wet viking