Disney Princes – NSFW (No, really)



Well, I’m back after a short hiatus, madly writing to deadlines and nurturing my other fledgling writing career. And to celebrate, have some Disney Prince dick pix. Yes. The brains trust over at Jezebel decided what the internet really needed was pictures of the Disney princes naked.

Here’s a sample.

Flynn Ryder

I have to admit, I think the internet is a shinier, happier place because of their good work.


The Erotic Fairground


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Today’s random internet find is: a bouncy castle made of boobies. No, really.



This is just one of a number of attractions created by artists Bompas & Parr for the exhibition Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground, an interactive installation currently on display at the Museum of Sex in New York.

The bouncy boobie castle is just one of the delights to be sampled. Others include the Tunnel of Love (of course), where you need to negotiate a maze to find – you guessed it – the G-spot, and also Grope Mountain, a climbing wall of orifices. You can augment your experience with a selection of edible treats, designed by Bompas & Parr, who have made their name, it seems, in high-end food artistry. Particularly with jelly. They even do events. And just because it seems relevant, this is one of the services they offer on their website:

A trained explosives technician will lay charges within your wedding cake, jelly, or food of choice, which you can detonate at the climax of the evening.

Dizzying. Maybe one day the exhibition will make it out here to Australia. I can only live in hope.


Review by Geeky Nymph!


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I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning.

Geeky Nymph has reviewed Slave Girls, and she just might have included an excerpt from my story, Stand Here. I couldn’t be more thrilled. There’s also an interesting discussion from D L King on her experience editing Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission, given her personal kink runs to dominance.

Plus, I couldn’t help noticing this very lovely picture of Geeky Nymph’s bottom.

Too cute.



Naked on roller skates



For those of us who are not wine connoisseurs, picking your plonk on the basis of whether or not you like the label is a completely valid strategy. It’s not without risk, of course. But, on this occasion, I am pleased to say I was not disappointed.

Naked on Roller Skates by Some Young Punks

Naked on Roller Skates by Some Young Punks

It was delicious. Almost syrupy in texture. Apparently it’s a Shiraz/Mataro blend. I don’t usually drink a lot of Shiraz (we usually go for Merlot in this house), but I’d get this again.

I’m not sure the name is apt. It might be better titled “Naked and wrapped in red velvet”. But that might not grab your attention in the same way.


Slave Girls – blog tour


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Slave Girls, ed D L King, from Cleis Press

Slave Girls, ed D L King, from Cleis Press

Welcome to my chapter of the Slave Girls blog tour! I thought I’d give you a little peek into where my slave girl sprang from.

Many of my stories begin with an image. Not just any old image of course. There has to be a sense of story to it, of something more going on beyond the frame of the picture. Sometimes my image is an actual image, sometimes it’s a line from a song and sometimes it might be an image lifted from another story that I then craft into something of my own.

Here’s where this one started: stand here Why did this one capture my interest?

Unlike many pictures of posed submissives, she doesn’t appear to be directing her attention towards the camera, or another person. She seems very vulnerable, but she’s not tied up or restrained. She’s clearly waiting, and everything that is going on with her at that moment is going on in her head. I wanted to capture some of that for my story. To get inside her head during that time. Here’s a snippet.

…she puts the blindfold over my eyes.

I put my gloved hands behind my back and wait. The door snicks closed. I bow my head. The silence of the room washes over my bare skin, leaving it tingling. The minutes stretch out. The dark begins to play havoc with my equilibrium. I feel myself sway, my feet working to find balance on the teetering heels of my stilettos. Finally, I hear the murmur of voices from the corridor. I take a quick breath and adjust my posture. I pull back my shoulders and suck in my stomach, but I keep my head bowed and my arms relaxed. I want to make a good impression. There is the sound of the door opening.

‘Here you are, sir,’ she says. ‘Please, just ring if there’s anything more you need.’

‘Thank you.’

His voice is quiet. I hear the door close. There is a soft sound, as though he is taking off a jacket, and then more quiet noises as he moves about the room. I wonder what he’s like. There was not enough in those two words to tell me whether he is old or young, large or small. Only that he is male.

Nothing happens. I hear small sounds, as though he is fussing about the room. Is he looking at me? My heart is pounding, but I try to breathe quietly. I try to calm myself by counting, but with each second that passes, my anxiety grows. Have I done something wrong?

Of course, her entire raison d’être at that time is to be seen and appreciated, to cause an unequivocal response in the dom she is about to meet for the first time. But what happens next and where this encounter goes is not quite what she expects.

I’m very pleased to have my story in this fabulous collection by D L King, and if you’ve indulged yourself with a copy, leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I’d love to hear it! I know I’ve been enjoying making my way through this treasure trove of kink.

If you haven’t got your copy yet, pick one up here, here or here. This is the rest of the tour if you’d like to catch up, or see what Lydia Hill has waiting for us on Saturday!

What am I reading now?


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For me, reading and writing take up a lot of the same time and brain space. Subtract the demands of a day job and family, and what’s left is immeasurably precious. Still, sometimes I have to get out of my own head, otherwise I get the writer’s version of cabin fever. Here’s where I’ve been visiting lately:

Underworlds from Mischief

Underworlds from Mischief

As usual, some stories are stronger than others, but the thing I’ve enjoyed about this particular collection is the beauty of the writing throughout most of the works. In some the paranormal element is overt, in others it’s much more subtle. Heavenly Shades, by Charlotte Stein and Riding the Ghost Train, by Chrissie Bentley are good examples of these, respectively, and two of the most evocative stories in the collection. Heavenly Shades is beautiful and enigmatic, and I found the sex scene in Riding the Ghost Train particularly immersive!

The stand out for me was The Slave of the Lamp by Janine Ashbless. I’ll confess it now, I’m a huge fangirl of hers. Her collection, Cruel Enchantments, was among the first works of erotica I ever read, and remains one of my favourite books of all time. Slave of the Lamp is very much in the tradition of her fantasy-themed erotica, and is about an arrogant djinn who gets his just desserts and ends up in, um, an extremely compromising position. I’ll have that image burned into my brain for a while. And I don’t mind at all.

Rating: four cherries

1 cherry1 cherry1 cherry1 cherry

Starting with a bang


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Slave Girls, Cleis Press

Slave Girls, Cleis Press

This month has seen the release of Slave Girls, edited by D L King and published by Cleis Press, which contains my first published erotic story, Stand Here. 

To say I’m excited about it…well.

I’m in some truly stellar company. Some of the other authors in this anthology are people I consider to be the superstars of erotic fiction; names I’ve looked for when browsing tables of contents; people whose books grace my bookshelves (in the restricted section!)

Let me see, there’s Rachel Kramer Bussel, Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, Erzabet Bishop, Lisette Allen, Lisabet Sarai, Giselle Renarde and all edited by the wonderful D L King.

I haven’t got my copy yet, but it’s coming soon and I can’t wait to see what else is inside.